Managed Cloud Services ​

Managing physical products and hardware requires a great deal of expertise, resources, and money. You already have a wide range of other operations to manage. Is there anything that can facilitate you in managing your services efficiently? Managed cloud services are the right solution. 

Businesses these days are shifting their operations and digital resources to cloud services. The benefits are endless. With cloud services, you can easily optimize your resource utilization and productivity also increases due to the availability of features on the cloud-based platforms

Managed Cloud Services
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How Can We Support With Managed Cloud Solutions?


Our team has broad expertise in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS). We take years of experience, coupled with excellent customer service. Call us now about how we can

What We Cover?

We have helped a wide of business clients in shifting their operations to cloud services. We suggest best possible options and packages that facilitate our clients in a long-term approach. Our managed cloud services cover: 

Azure Managed Cloud

Azure is a robust cloud providing by Microsoft and is an outstanding choice for businesses that are already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. We can support the design of adaptable and scalable managed Azure environments.

AWS Managed Services

AWS is innovating at a breathtaking speed, which can make it difficult to know what services are best for your business or project. Talk to our verified expert AWS architects today, and make sure you have the accurate managed solution to establish your goals.

Managed Cloud Backup

Managed Cloud Backup is difficult for any business today. We can assist design on-premise to off-premise solutions, multisite solutions, and inter-cloud solutions.

Benefits of Managed Cloud

Scalability and Execution

Cloud technology is a plan to be scaled to achieve the business's changing IT demands. As a company expands, it is inevitable that more storage space and bandwidth will be needed to cope with growing traffic to the website. Cloud servers can be deployed automatically to assist businesses to scale up and down and make sure optimum performance under heavy loads. Cloud technology also enhances website speed and minimizes downtime.


There is a high level of flexibility gives to companies who invest in cloud-based services. Remote cloud servers give almost unlimited bandwidth and storage space, which permits businesses to quickly scale up and down their scope to support growth and cope when website traffic improvement. This removes the demand to purchase and install equipment and upgrades on-site Cloud computing also allows for improved workplace flexibility, as employees can access applications and data on a remote server off-site, anytime, anywhere, as long as an internet connection is available.

Business Continuity

By investing in cloud computing, businesses can assure authentic disaster recovery and backup solutions without the bother of setting them up on a physical device. For many businesses investing in multiplex disaster recovery plans can be a costly process, and backing up data is time-consuming. The cloud itself is created in a way that data stored in it is mirrored over the servers so that if one gives out, data is quickly backed up. Being able to approach data again quickly after a failure minimizes website downtime and deprivation of productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Perhaps the most crucial advantage of cloud computing is the IT operational cost savings. Using remote servers removes the demand for in-house storage equipment and application needs, as well as overhead costs such as data storage, software updates, and management. Cloud-based services are also affordable to use, as they are commonly deployed on a pay-per-use basis, which means businesses can rent accurately what they require and promise a comeback on investment. Various small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets recognize the benefits of cloud computing.

We’re Familiar with All the Latest Cloud Services

Shifting to cloud services is not an easy task, especially if this is your first experience with it. This is where managed cloud services of GITSOLS offer a complete coverage of assistance, expertise, and consultation to the businesses around the globe. We’ll let you know how you can manage your storage and bandwidth needs through cloud services. Let’s collaborate to upgrade your business procedures through cloud services. 

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